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Gaillah   and   I   are   delighted   that   you   have   chosen   to   visit   our   web   site!   We   welcome   you,   and   pray   the   undiluted Word of God delivered from this ministry becomes a testimony you can share with friends and family. I   have   come   to   know   that   when   you   have   a   million   dollar   vision,   don’t   surround   yourself   with   1   cent   minds.   Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. With great confidence in the word of God we proclaim. According   to   II   Corinthians   2:14   NKJV   which   says;   Thanks   be   to   God   who   always   leads   us   in   triumph   in   Christ,   and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.' I   am   aware   that   many   people   think   life   is   full   of   "ups   and   downs",   but   the   reason   they   think   this   way   is   because   of their   ignorance.   You   are   supposed   to   live   each   and   every   day   of   your   life   in   victory   over   every   situation   that   you face.   The   day   you   were   born   again,   you   were   born   into   a   life   of   total   continuous   victory.   Jesus   death   on   the   cross was enough to make us one with God, and bring us into the life of victory. The   bible   says   that   God,   “He   raised   Him   from   the   dead   and   seated   Him   at   His   right   hand   in   the   heavenly   places,     far   above   all   principality   and   power   and   might   and   dominion,   and   every   name   that   is   named,   not   only   in   this age but also in that which is to come." Ephesians   2:6   NKJV.   The   story   doesn't   end   with   Jesus   alone;   God   raised   you   up   together   with   Jesus   and   you   are seated with Jesus in glory. You   are   seated   right   in   the   place   of   His   authority   and   power,   and   this   is   the   reason   you   cannot   be   defeated.   The bible says"... as He is, so are we in this world". I John 4:17 NKJV. You were born again with His life, and the seed of His character. If   this   ain't   your   experience,   then   your   consciousness   has   to   come   up   to   that   of   a   champion   that   God   made   you through the agency of the word of God delivered from this ministry
The Race of life is not to the Swift Just get Established in the word. Scripture says: I   returned   and   saw   under   the   sun   that—   The   race   is   not   to   the   swift,   Nor   the   battle   to   the   strong,   Nor   bread   to   the   wise,   Nor   riches   to   men   of   understanding, Nor favour to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all. Ecclesiastes 9:11 NKJV Over   and   over   again   in   life,   we   see   the   opening   scripture   played   out.   We   see   those   who   seem   most   qualified   for   a   job   end   up   losing   out   to   others   less qualified.   Sometimes   the   athletes   expected   to   set   a   new   record   loses   out   to   the   underdog.   A   lot   of   times   favourite   and   more   skilled   teams   fall   by   wayside   in football   tournaments.   This   same   scenario   plays   out   in   other   games   too.   All   such   things   go   to   show   that   there's   more   to   life   than   training   to   be   the   best;   there's more to life than being the most qualified person or the smartest person around. It's   not   luck,   but   it’s   about   BEING   IN   THE   PLACE   OF   OPPORTUNITY.      When   you   are   in   that   place,   things   work   out   for   you   without   struggles   and   that's where God wants you to be and by His grace I will take you there as led by God. Only   the   wisdom   of   God   functioning   in   you   can   position   you   in   this   place   of   opportunity,   because   wisdom   functions   in   you   as   a   force   which   causes   you   to   take the steps you ought to take. This   is   why   you   must   fill   your   heart   with   the   Word   of   God,   which   is   the   wisdom   of   God.   Through   meditation,   the   Holy   Spirit   WILL   ACT   UPON   THE   WORD   IN YOUR   SPIRIT,   CAUSING   WISDOM   TO   FUNCTION   IN   YOU.   Make   up   your   mind   never   to   struggle   or   toil   to   be   successful   let   God   put   you   in   place   of opportunity and be established this year in your business, career, marriage and any other endeavour within your spirit.
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